Arco Loonstra 

The man behind Pendessa is Arco Loonstra. Despite his relatively young age, he already gained a lot of experience in his craft. He has been fascinated with classical cars his entire life. As familycar his father drove a RangeRover Classic and when Arco became 16 years old he was working as much as possible in his brothers garage as an automotive technician. 

Arco’s initial introduction with upholstering was purely coincidental. During his first steps in the trade, the craft immediately clicked with him. Shortly after, he decided that he would dedicate his professional life to upholstering antique cars. Right now, Loonstra is equipped with over ten years of experience in this unique job and he still is one of the the youngest classic car interior expert in the Netherlands.  
Many people know Lunteren for its beautiful nature and tourists attractions. A small group of enthusiasts know the place as the location of the headquarter of Pendessa. Small business owner Arco Loonstra is well known through all of Europe for the craftmanship and expertise of authentic automobiles. With suppliers from all over the world Arco is trying to get the best materials for each project.
People ask Arco about his trade everywhere he goes. Because to him, it isn’t all about the technical side of his job. Arco values the conversation with other car-enthusiasts and he appreciates the story behind every car. These are the elements on which his passion is build. 




A project starts with a camera. Arco photographs a new assignment from every thinkable angle. The classical design has to be recreated from even the smallest details. This way, he sticks very close to the original design. Every car has its own story and Arco is determined to honor that story. He uses his very specific equipment to work the materials. One of the most valued tools in his workshop is the sewing machine. He uses the device to work the fabrics and leather and thus lay the base of his project. Arco only works with the material that was used in the original production. If real leather and naturel latex was used, Arco will use it as well. Even the way the interior was structured in the old days will be copied by Arco. If hammers and nails were the tools they used back then, than Arco uses them too. Pendessa is clearly the right address for authentic and refined details in the interior of classic cars.


What we stand for 

Pendessa stands for quality, class, authenticity, attention to detail and specialty. Many exceptional projects have already been completed in Pendessa’s workshop. Off course there are much more aspects than just upholstery. The classical style may be good-looking, but it wasn’t always practical. They had less attention to detail back in the day. By carefully measuring and installing the interior, everything will fit even better than it did before. Therefore, the control of the seats will work more smoothly. It all comes together in the attention to detail. Even the smallest bits will be fixed. Because of that, the whole interior will function and look better than dozens of years ago. The high standards the he holds himself to, make it possible that every project is another masterpiece. Arco makes every interior as good as new. It is for that very same reason that people from all over Europe are familiar with his work. Loonstra knows his business and shows it. Every assignment is another passionate project that tests his workmanship to the limits. 

If you are interested you can contact us by email and by Phone. Arco speaks Dutch and English

We have a special place in our heart for cars that were produced between 1945 and 1970.