Current projects

We currentley are working on a few cars which are in restauration by several different company's. The cars we are working on are:

  • Aston Martin DB2 Drophead coupé
  • Aston Martin DB4 sanction 3


Both cars need to be fully reupholstered.

The DB4 had a complete verry rare but fully original interior, we have photographed every detail and written everything down so we know how it was done in de 60's.

The DB2 needs a complete new interior and an new top. This car is not that complete so we have to do a lot of researche to found out how it was done.



Alvis TB21 Roadster

This very unique Alvis is completely unrestored. There are only 31 made of this specific model. We had to make new front seats, the owner wanted a "patina looking" leather. We used a special waxed leather for the desired old look.

Aston Martin DB2-4

This Aston Martin DB2 is fully restored to original condition with some present-day improvements. Of course we had to make the interior just like that. The headlining is made from original Wool fabric, the seats are upholstered with fine Connolly leather and the floor is covered with Wilson Wool carpet. 

Aston Martin DB5

This particular Aston Martin DB5 is fully restored by one of the 13 official Herrirage certified Aston Martin dealers in the world. We had to make a complete new interior for this car. The costumer asked for a costum made leather headlining and he had some other personal wishes which we fulfilled, so not completely original but "original with a personal touch". 

Daimler DB18

For this car we made a complete new handmade convertible top. We found a nice backwindow in America, its not original but it looks like it belongs to this car. Originally there was a pvc window stitched in but the costumer didn't like that. The edging finish was also not nice so we made a rvs pollished finishing on the back and the sides of the top the complete the oldfashion look.

Jaguar XK 120 Drophead Coupe (DHC)

This beatifully restored Jaguar was a true "barnfind". The car was light blue with a grey interior when they found him. Searching into the history of the car the owner found out the car was originally "Gunmetal grey" with a red interior. So after the car was painted we had te make the interior the way it originally was. 

Jaguar XK 120 Open Two Seater (OTS)

For this Jaguar we made a completely new interior and a new convertible top. There are some "standard tops" available but they don't fit like we want them to fit. Everything has to fit perfectly by Pendessa, no exceptions! Even when it's a top which is almost never used.

Maserati Merak SS

This car was build during the time of the Citroen ownership of Maserati. In the same time the Citroen SM was being produces. Both the Maserati and the Citroen had the V6 Maserati engine, and the both had the famous hydropneumatic suspension. The difference between the Maserati and the Citroen was that the Maserati is sportscar, and the Citrown is a "familycar". So the interior of bothe cars were totaly different. When the car was brought to our workshop the interior was completely ruined. We had to remodel the seats, make new doorpanels and upholster the complete interior with a fine black nappa leather.

Maserati Quattroporte

The seats and doorpanels of this Maserati were already upholstered with leather. The costumer also wanted a leather headlining and everything what has to do with it. So we made new sunvisors, upholsterd the A-B and C-pillar and made the headlining in the same styl as the rest of the interior.

Mercedes 230SL Pagode

For this Merceder 230 SL we had te make a complete new interior. The doorpanels were gone, the seats were in very bad shape and there was no carpet in the car. The biggest challence of this car was the collor of the interior. This car was equipped with "Champignon vinyl", and this was only being used for one year on the Mercedes 230 SL. After a long search I found the material in the USA, after I ordered it I had to find someone who can make the correct perforation. I met a guy in Paris who brought the material back to America to make the perforation and than I finally was able to make the interior like it supposed to be. 

More projects to come

We try to fill in as soon as possible more of the projects we have done